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Beyond the Dark | A tale of 2 Arts

Posted by on Jun 12, 2013

We’ve all heard of the Sundance Film Festival or the cannes film festival but have you heard of the Grand Rapids Film Festival? That’s right! Held in May of this year the Grand Rapids Film Festival is further proof that Grand Rapids has a growing community of independent film makers bringing life to the Silver Screen.

Beyond The Dark Movie Poster

Beyond The Dark Movie Poster

One Such Film maker is Matthew Douglas Grzeszak. His latest Project “Beyond The Dark” takes eight gut-wrenching horror stories and wraps them in one Full length Feature Film due to be released on Halloween of 2013.

 Perfect Timing, but how does this have anything to do with Levitys Law? 

Glad you asked…

“Beyond The Dark” will feature “My Affliction” off of our EP “The Art of Losing”.

In the hopes of supporting the local film community and gaining exposure for “The Art of Losing” EP. Levitys Law has released “My Affliction” to be featured in the project along with being on the soundtrack!

“Beyond The Dark” will be submitted to film festivals world-wide. The perfect opportunity to showcase the marriage of Grand Rapids Film with Grand Rapids Music.

Levitys Law would like to thank Matthew for the opportunity and we look forward to getting scared shitless.

Be sure to get your copy when the film is released later this year!
More Details can be found at www.beyondthedarkmovie.com.

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